Cool Fuzz

CWPlanetCan’t get enough of these fuzzy planets–there’s nothing quite like terraforming on a gray February day. Thanks Karen Meninno for planetary ideas!

I’m busy in the studio making spaceships and planetessimals from repurposed plastic and fabric. Ultima Thule is just around the corner.

Once I get a firm date for this new show I’ll post about it asap. It’s a collaborative installation known as KSpace with participatory workshops and other fun stuff. I like taking a break from representation sometimes….unless there happens to be a fur-covered planet just like this somewhere in the multiverse.

2 replies to “Cool Fuzz

  1. Love it Carolyn.We still talk about your exhibit at Fruitlands.Who could for get the delightful grape arbor or Thoreau’s laundry on his mothers line?

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