Wishing a year of hope and spirit to all


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Some images from my Fruitlands show

Take a look at my installation piece outdoors in the grape arbor in front of the Red Farmhouse, site of the Fruitlands experiment in vegan communal living run by Louisa May Alcott’s father, Bronson. Pieces on view in the art gallery related to women who influenced Fruitlands, including Shaker founder Mother Ann Lee and museum founder Clara Endicott Sears. If  you haven’t been to see this remarkable landscape and collection of American art and antiques, visit on weekends this winter.


At Fruitlands, sculptor Carolyn Wirth is a free-range historian – The Boston Globe

Among Invasives

Among InvasivesSoon to be on view at Appearances, Provincetown Mass: digital c-print  of one of my small sculptures, standing in a field of invasive plants. This ongoing project involves replacing invasives with natives in a small, streamside patch of woods and photographing my sculptural avatar as the plants transition.

Who Lives With Us

Who Lives With Us

A visitor’s shadow appears in the piece, which is a mural made of projected drawings on acrylic and plastic packaging, charcoal and crayon drawings, cast and modeled hydrocal sculpture, and found objects. Installation view from ArtSpace Maynard’s main gallery.