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Carolyn’s newest work combines sculpture, hand-drawn animation, projected collages, and drawings which together create an immersive environment. A series of meditations on the lives of animals who are endangered, or else are considered nuisance species, the work is designed to include the shadows of visitors who become a fleeting human presence in the installation.

Wirth does her own casting, and much of her sculpture is about this process as much as the creation of a realistic figure: armatures, mold seams, and pieces of the mold itself are revealed and become abstract elements in the finished piece. Figures give the impression that they are still in the process of being made, or else are on the verge of further decay, a continuum in the never-ending cycle of creation, alteration, and decay.

Originally from New Jersey, Wirth studied art at Smith College and earned her graduate degree in sculpture and environmental art from New York University while working there are a graphic designer. Some of her awards include the Roman Bronze Award from Pen & Brush, the country’s oldest women’s art organization, and an Artist Fellowship in sculpture from the Boston Cultural Council. Recent shows include the Hess Gallery at Pine Manor College, where she now teaches; Boston’s Kingston Gallery; the Boston Childrens’ Museum; and the Springfield, Mass. Museum of Art.

Her studio is in Stow, MA in the Gleasondale Industrial Park.

Many of the images on this site were photographed by Teresa Coates, of Coates Studio: www.coatesEstudio.com



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